Candle Love.....

In February I posted about a lovely gift I received off the lovely Sandra who writes Beauty Balm (her blog is fantastic please do go and check it out if you don't read it already), she bought me a beautiful Poppy Tea Cup Candle from Rosslyn Candle Company, you can read my original post here.

I adore the Poppy scent and the candle was lit almost every evening, which meant it was gone before I knew it (it did last a very long time though). Once I had got to the bottom of the candle I cleaned out the gorgeous cup and wondered what to do with it, it would be a very pretty little cup for cups of tea but I thought it was TOO pretty to just sit in my cupboard until it was used.....

I then got a very unexpected parcel in the post.....

Sandra had bought me a bag of Poppy tea lights, again from Rosslyn Candle Company, to put in my little tea cup, the tea lights last for sooooo long, I think this goes to show the quality is fantastic, they smell just as good as I remember!

So now my tea cup is burning away in my living room

These candle make fantastic gifts and I am very lucky to have a friend like Sandra, she has excellent taste in EVERYTHING! 

Thank you.




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