Superdrug Colour Performance Hair Dye 9.16.....

If you read my blog regularly you will know I love to test out different hair dyes, I usually use Nice'n'Easy and really like it but this week I have been not had a lot of money but desperately need to dye my hair so when I saw Superdrug have their very own range of hair dyes I wanted to test them out. The reason I picked these is they were an absolute bargain.....

2 boxes for £5!!!!! I always use 2 boxes because my hair is sooooo long and thick.....

I picked shade 9.16 Natural Light Baby Ash Blonde.

Inside each box you get the usual at home hair dye bottles.....

My roots were horrendous and I was not convinced this would cover them as I had left them for so long, how wrong I was. This has got to be one of THE best hair dyes I have used in a long time.....

The one and only downside I noticed were the gloves, they are HUGE and they kept getting in my way when applying the dye, but that is a very minor issue.

I left the dye on for 30 minutes as advised.....

And the results.....

It is honestly the best colour I have ever used! I would highly recommend it to anyone who dyes their hair at home!!!! 

What do you think? Have you tried this before?




  1. Replies
    1. Aaaawww thanks hun, she is gorgeous! The shade is fab!


  2. I may take a look at their range. I usually use L'oreal but they can be so expensive at times, but 2 for £5 is a steal!

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  3. I use this exact hair colour but a different shade! I think Superdrugs own colours are amazing!

    1. I am sooooo glad I tried them, saves me a few pounds each month or so!!



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