Black And White Photo Love.....

My skin has been playing games with me recently, I have tried to do FOTD posts but my skin just looks blotchy, so I was having a mess around on my camera and decided to take a couple of pics in Black and White, and I love the effect. If it wasn't for different colours and shades of products I would constantly take pictures in Black and White, I think it is such a flattering effect.

So here is today's FOTD guessed it, Black and White.....

I haven't got too much makeup on today as I have had a day off work but I thought I would share my mug with you anyways.....

Do you have an effect on your camera you like or use the most? I would love to know how you take you pictures and what you feel most comfortable using?




  1. I love B&W photos, the first one of you looks stunning. I have lots of effects on my camera I never use, think I will play around with them more often xx

    1. Thanks hun, I was just having a play around and made me think I should use diff effects more often!


  2. I love B&W pictures. Looking very pretty here :) x


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