Be Gone Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles.....

Recently I have noticed as I am getting *older* the skin around my eyes is changing. I have noticed that if I have a late night my eyes the next day are extremely puffy and darker than usual, also the skin on my eyelids are becoming slightly thinner than normal......this is what happens when we get older unfortunately. 

We all want to find a miracle cream to help us out and I have many staple eye creams, one is from Balance Me called Wonder Eye cream which is fantastic, but I have recently discovered another one.....

Ageless Derma Retinol and Vitamin K Eye Cream* for dark circles and puffy eyes RRP $59.00 which converts to £38.00 for 15ml, now I do think this is very expensive for an eye cream but it really does work wonders. They also have a full skincare range which is lower in price and I have also been looking at their mineral makeup range where lipsticks start from $15.00, very reasonable!

Ageless Derma are an American brand that ship to the UK and they have an extremely good reputation for banishing wrinkles, they also do a 30day money back guarantee which I always like to see! You can view their full range on their website:

The pump dispenses the exact amount for one usage fr both eyes and I have noticed a very significant difference in my skin after using it for 4 weeks. I wake up almost no 'puffiness' and I don't suffer from dark circles when I use it

The cream really does soak instantly into the skin which I would expect from a high end skincare brand.

I love this product but I am not sure I could fork out almost £40.00 for an eye cream, I do definitely want to try their makeup range though as the prices seem very reasonable.

I have a discount code for anyone wanting to try anything from the Ageless Drema website: Use code   'AGELESS' at the checkout for 25% off your order.

Have you heard of this brand before and would you fork out for a product that works well even if it is above your price range?




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