Bargain Makeup Brushes That Last......

I was sorting through my makeup brushes the other day and realised I have had one brush for at least 5 years and I use it everyday, it cost me around £3 on offer and it was from Avon!!!

So when an Avon brochure dropped through my door I decided to order another one. The one I have had for years is the angled face brush, which for £3 I think is an absolute steal, it was probably half price at the time but Avon ALWAYS have offers on, It is really dense, washed super easily and applies makeup flawlessly.....

I then decided to get an All Over Face Brush which cost me £4 and it is super super soft.....

I adore my Real Techniques brushes and couldn't live without my Stippling brush but if you are on a budget, these brushes are fantastic value for money.....

I also ordered a few other bits and pieces from Avon which I will post about very soon once I have tested them out properly.

Which bargain brushes do you use, if any?




  1. I've used Avon brushes for years and love them! They wash well and are really dense and soft too. A great quality for a low, low cost.

    x Gem

  2. I've recently been looking into some cheap brushes rather than diving straight into Real Techniques ones and such so thank you for this post, I must check these brushes out now!! x


  3. Its fab that something so low cost has lasted so long. I don't splurge much on make up brushes but have Real Techniques which I got on a really good offer on US Site and I can't believe Avon are so good. xx

  4. The look of these remind me of the ELF studio ones :)


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