Balance Me Beauty Now Available In Debenhams.....

I adore Balance Me's products, I use their Wonder Eye Cream (reviewed here).....

 And I also use one of their moisturisers (reviewed here

The brand as a whole are fantastic, the customer service is fantastic and they are really nice people to work with. I have only ever seen Balance Me in John Lewis, I know you can order online also.....

Balance me are now available in my favourite department store Debenhams from the 19th August!!!!!

I am very happy about this as my small city doesn't have a John Lewis, and who likes paying delivery charges?

They are also launching a new Autumn skincare which will also be stocked in Debenhams from
October/November and they will also sell the Balance Me Christmas gift

I am very excited to be able to pick up my skincare brand in my local Debenhams!

Do you use Balance Me?




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