The Charcoal Challenge.....

A slightly different post today about a BBQ I hosted at the weekend!

I was recently invited by Money Supermarket to take part in The Charcoal Challenge. They sent me £50 and I was to throw a great BBQ with the money! So what better day to chose than Saturday when the Wimbledon finals were on!

I live in an end of terrace house so our back yard is very small and it is a sun trap! As I had 8 people coming to the BBQ, myself and my boyfriend had to make use of our limited space in our yard, so my boyfriend hooked up the TV outside and made a 'viewing area'.....

We crammed in as many seats as possible so everyone could relax in the sun!

To make the most of the money I decided to home make all of the salad bits and pieces, I made a sweet chilli pasta salad, a potato salad, homemade coleslaw and obviously a big plate of crispy cold salad totalling to around £15 which for 9 people I think is great.....

I should have really taken the cling film off for the picture below but it was far too hot and people hadn't arrived yet.

I ALWAYS make my own coleslaw, it costs so so little to make and is much more delicious than shop bought stuff (it usually costs me around £4 to make a HUGE bowl).

And then there was the meat! We asked our friends to bring some meat as meat can be quite expensive when buying for lots of people and we bought some ourselves too which came to around £15, we also had to buy some charcoal for our tiny BBQ costing £5 for a bag and then we also bought a family size disposable BBQ for £5 too.....

My friends brought along their dog Charlie (top) and my pooch Darcy loved him, he wasn't too keen on her though haha! The dogs both appreciated the homemade tent next to the TV to keep cool!

We had a fantastic afternoon! Andy Murray won Wimbledon which the boys and some of the girls were very happy about (I'm not a huge tennis fan but I do get quite patriotic about things like that). Here is a pic of us all together (I am on the far left with Darcy).....

 The dogs thought it was their duty to 'look after' the BBQ for us!

 And Darcy enjoyed a doggy lolly when everyone had left to cool down!

I didn't manage to get a picture of the beverages that we drank, we spent £18 on drinks and our friends brought some with them too, the drinks didn't stay round for long enough for me to get a snap! It was a fab afternoon and I hope to do things like this more often. BBQ's can get quite expensive but if you ask everyone to bring an item, you can all dig in and share everything which is what we did!

Thanks Money Supermarket for a fabulous day!




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