In-Store Samples - Are You Offered Them.....?

Samples.....we all love to test out products before biting the bullet and spending our hard earned cash on the full size product, but why are stores so tight fisted with their samples? Or are they.....

(Most of the above samples are ones I was given by a friend or received in mags etc)

This is a subject that I have seen discussed several times online and yesterday while I was browsing the shops to kill a little bit of time I was asked by 2 different sales assistants if I would like some samples. This doesn't often happen, in fact it never happens and this may be purely coincidental but yesterday I was carrying a posh paper bag and was dressed nicely for my new job, whereas usually I am carrying a Primark bag and in my jeans and a top! 

Now before any people who are sales assistants start telling me off ,this, like I said, may be a coincidence. 

I fully understand that samples can't be given to every single browser in stores, but I for one know I am more likely to buy a full sized product if I have tested it out first, and if I was handed a sample with a smile, it would make me feel comfortable approaching the brand/store to ask questions and spend some pennies.

In my local Debenhams they are usually very fussy about who they approach, I very very rarely get asked if I would like to try things out and one time I asked if they had a sample of the perfume I was considering buying to which I was told 'No, we don't do samples, never have....' - Clearly they do. Then yesterday I was browsing the perfume section as a friend of mine told me to have a sniff of the Vivienne Westwood scents, I was then approached by a lovely, friendly lady who chatted away to me, didn't pressure me into buying anything and handed me these 2 samples.....

2 x 1.2ml sprays in Naughty Alice and Cheeky Alice, and I now know that when I get paid I will definitely be going to treat myself to Cheeky Alice which smells amazing!

Then I headed to Boots to pick up some essentials and was approached by a lady who looked after the Ojon stand I was having a browse of the stand, she had a chat to me and gave me this sample.....

8ml sachet of Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment - I do actually already use this already but I didn't realise as it was hot and this was melted in the packet (the treatment is usually hard in then melts when warm) but it was nice of her to have a chat to me and give me a sample!

So, do stores keep samples for people who LOOK like they are going to spend money? Do you get them all of the time? Do you never get them at all?

I would love to know your thoughts!




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