Elemental Herbology Facial Cleansing Balm.....

I recently got a sample of Elemental Herbology facial cleansing balm, now I have to say I have never used a cleansing balm before but have heard really great things about them and in the past month or so I have got quite a few little samples sachets of different ones so tonight I tested out this one.....

"A luxurious cleansing balm rich in nourishing botanical oils to gently purify the skin whilst nurturing its delicate barrier function. Cleans the skin without depleting moisture levels making it ideal for dry or mature skin."

RRP for 75mls is £30.00! 

I was intrigued to see the word 'marshmallow' on the front of the packet so I was expecting a hint of sweetness to the scent but it's quite a strong scent and I would say more of the frankincense comes through.

Stupidly I didn't read up on this before using it, I just ripped open the packet and followed the directions on the back - massage into dry skin then remove with a damp cloth - which I did but I do not have dry skin so this really made my skin a greasy mess. 

The texture is lovely, a very light balm and I can imagine if you have dry skin this would really sooth your skin but for me and my oily skin this didn't feel to pleasant (that will teach me to read about a product before getting over excited using it). I have to rewash my face with my usual soap (Dr Bronners) afterwards to remove the residue from my skin.

I have tried an Elemental Herbology face cream before and found it absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately this wasn't for me.

Do you use a cleansing balm?




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