Dainty Doll Eye Shadow - Treat Her Like A Lady.....

You may have seen floating around the beauty blogging world that Dainty Doll are now in Poundland. We all went slightly crazy well Stila had a few products in Pounland, I think I managed to pick up a tinted moisturiser and a face powder which I am still using now. I have also seen that there have been a few sightings of OPI in Poundland so ladies and gents keep your eyes peeled.

Unfortunately my Poundland only had Dainty Doll eye shadows left when I spotted them and I had to guess what shades they were as I wasn't able to open the other packaging so I had to guess.....

I picked up shade Treat Her Like A Lady - Which is a light brown with a slight shimmer.....

The sun then decided to go in while I was trying to take photos of the shade so the pic below make the shade look extremely dull but what I did notice is the mirror which I presume would be under the lid had been ripped off? Not too sure why? Anyway onto the actual product.....

The consistency is lovely, not much fall out at all and I was really surprised how pigmented it was considering it was a light brown it transferred onto my skin really well, I wasn't able to take a pic though thanks to the pesky sun so you will just have to take my word for it! 

I will definitely be using this as a day to day base eyeshadow and I do think I will try and pick up a couple more if there is any left in my local Poundland.

Have you seen any Dainty Doll or other brands in your local Pound shops?




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