Bourjois Are Now In Poundland.....

We all love a Poundland bargain don't we! It all started with Stila products being sold in these bargianous shops, then the likes of OPI and Dainty Doll appeared in stores, well while I was browsing my local Poundland the other day I found  a Bourjois product.....

Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Tint in shade Praline.....

These little tints must be being discontinued or are being revamped, I have searched online and lots of websites are selling them for around £2-£3 but I picked this one up guessed it...£1!

The tint comes with a little applicator....

The tint is water based so when you first apply it is quite watery, but when blended it looks lovely and I have to say the staying power is amazing! The pic below is without being blended.....

It's not my ideal shade, I am going to try and hunt down a more pink version which I have seen on different websites.

When I tried to remove it, it would not budge! The picture below is after washing my hands!

I think this is a great product for your handbag, if your going to be having a busy day and don't want to be topping up your lipstick every few hours!

Have you seen these in Poundland yet?




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