A Lovely Surprise Gift.....

Yesterday I went to my local sorting office to pick up a lovely parcel from my friend Sandra who writes Beauty Balm, I have followed Sandra's blog since I started blogging (which is almost 2 years now eeekkkk) and I love her blog, she is such a kind hearted lady who I have chatted to for a loooong time online, I thought I would share with you what she sent me.....

Sandra (and most of you who read my blog) knows I love Dr Bronners Magic Soap, I have raved about it so so so many times as it really helps keep my oily skin under control, it's also amazing for washing your makeup brushes! Sandra sent me 2 bottles (Peppermint and Rose) and 2 sachets (Peppermint and Baby-Mild) of it and this will last me such a long time as all you need is literally 1 drop per use you can see my reviews/mentions of it here.

She also sent me lots of other lovely treats which I can't wait to try out and review for you.....

I love sending people little gifts like this and I am very grateful for Sandra taking the time to put this little box together for me! 

Thank you :)




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