Top 3 Makeup Products I Have Rediscovered.....

You all know how exciting it is to buy new product, when I buy new things my older products get pushed to one side and sometimes forgotten about for quite some time, so today I thought I would share with you 3 makeup products I have rediscovered and that I am really enjoying using again....

Firstly is this lipstick from Look Beauty, it is the most vibrant coral shade I have seen the shade is called Hyper Melon (RRP £7.00), I reviewed it here if you would like to see what it looks like on, I bought this some time ago but I didn't really wear it as the weather here as been so dull, but now the sun is shining I think it's a perfect summer shade!

Next is a product that I think everyone should own, Sleek blush in shade Rose Gold (RRP £4.69), I use the use this aalllllll the time but again because of the weather I haven't really reached for it. You can see it on my cheeks here.

And finally is this little beauty, ELF Long Wear Lip Liner in shade Natural Blush (RRP £1.50), this is one of the best lip liners I have used for a while, the shade is just perfect for me and it stops feathering. 

Have you rediscovered any old favourites recently?




  1. Love the Sleek Blush hun, I have a similar one in suede it is called xx

  2. Oh, that lipstick shade is fabulous!

    I recently discovered how much I love clear mascara? It makes my lashes separate and look glossy...and it's especially nice in the summer because it doesn't melt in the heat and leave my face full of black smudges!


  3. I have went to buy this blusher so many times and I have stopped myself because I have so many other ones. It looks so nice but!! x

  4. I have sleek rose gold and I constantly keep getting it out and using it. it's so lovely.

  5. Ooh that lipstick looks so pretty! Perfect summer shade :)

  6. All 3 picks are so great, I really love the colour of the lipstick, so bright and happy for summer! xx

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  7. these look lovely! I have rose gold on my wishlist for a while, everytime I see it on someone's blog, I wonder why I havent bough it yet. ;) x

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