Top 3 Makeup Products I Have Rediscovered.....

You all know how exciting it is to buy new product, when I buy new things my older products get pushed to one side and sometimes forgotten about for quite some time, so today I thought I would share with you 3 makeup products I have rediscovered and that I am really enjoying using again....

Firstly is this lipstick from Look Beauty, it is the most vibrant coral shade I have seen the shade is called Hyper Melon (RRP £7.00), I reviewed it here if you would like to see what it looks like on, I bought this some time ago but I didn't really wear it as the weather here as been so dull, but now the sun is shining I think it's a perfect summer shade!

Next is a product that I think everyone should own, Sleek blush in shade Rose Gold (RRP £4.69), I use the use this aalllllll the time but again because of the weather I haven't really reached for it. You can see it on my cheeks here.

And finally is this little beauty, ELF Long Wear Lip Liner in shade Natural Blush (RRP £1.50), this is one of the best lip liners I have used for a while, the shade is just perfect for me and it stops feathering. 

Have you rediscovered any old favourites recently?




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