Guerlian Cils D'enfer Maxi Lash Mascara.....

This week I was sent a little sample selection from Debenhams when placing an order online, the samples were mainly perfumes and 3 of them were for men which I found slightly bizarre but my other half was pleased, anyway, this was one of the samples, and before I opened it I thought...oh another perfume sample as it came on a card like perfume vials usually do (yes I should have read the packaging).....

"Guerlain Cils D`Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara. Volume Creating - Curl Sculpting Mascara.

 Maxi lash in a blink! The it-accessory mascara, eyes` ultimate ally. The luxury of simplicity. 

An innovative formula for maximum volume, curls and hold. The smooth, supple texture 

that?s easy to work with. The layers that can be piled on ever so delicately to create just the 

right volume for each and every mood and moment. Instant, stylish, long-lasting magic."

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up to find a mini mascara! It reminds me of a mini toothpaste tube!

This retails for £22.00 which is quite pricey for a mascara, not as pricey as my current favourite which is a mascara by Cailyn and I posted about it here, and only £4.00 more than Benefit's They're Real, so if it's good then I think I would stretch to £22.00.

Here is my before photo....hardly any lashes at all!

This picture is with one quick sweep, not too bad!

And after another coat.....

These pictures don't give show the full effect of the mascara, it is fantastic, my lashes are much much longer and thicker without being clumpy, the only difficulty I had using this is the size of the wand, but obviously this is because it's a sample!

Would I spend £22.00 on this? Yes I would, if I had the money spare then definitely, but I won't be rushing to get it just yet as I have 2 tubes of my fave Cailyn mascara thanks to a lovely blogging friend Paula who writes La Vida Fresa - Thank you Paula xxx

What is your favourite mascara, I would love to know?




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