Charity Shop Bargains #5.....

I have been Charity shop shopping again today! I wasn't really meant to be shopping but as I walked through my village I thought I would just pop in and have a quick browse and oh my goodness I am glad I did.....

Firstly I found these very cute cups and saucers for £1.99 for both, I am going to use these for makeup brushes, I really love the design.....

Next I spotted this pretty glass jar which I thought would be perfect for cotton wool, the painting is slightly worn on the front but I think it's gorgeous all the same, this cost me a tiny 50p!

Then I spotted a Ciate nail polish staring at me, this is shade Dangerous Affair which is a deep red I opened it to check if it was gloopy but it's absolutely fine, this also cost me 50p!

And finally the biggest bargain of them all, a REN set, this is the old style packaging of the Moroccan Rose Set and these retail on the REN website for £18.00 and this cost me £1.00!

Inside you gets a 50ml body wash, a 30ml bath oil and a 50ml body cream. The shower gel had leaked slightly but I definitely cannot moan at that price!

I think I am slowly becoming an ambassador for Charity shops, I LOVE them far too much and I am filling my house with all sorts of wonderful (to me) things, my boyfriend however thinks I am bonkers!

All of my items were bought from Hospice Of The Good Shepard and Claire House both in Chester.

Have you been to your local Charity shops recently?




  1. Love your bargains! I can't get my double pram in charity shops its so annoying! x

    1. Oh no :( They are usually quite small and packed aren't they!


  2. I so need to come shopping with you! xx

  3. OMG! THAT REN SET! You lucky bugger, that's what you get when you chairty shop in chester not winsford ;)

    1. Haha, I dread to think what's inside the charity shops in Winsford :-p



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