A Cheap Multi-Purpose Product Everyone Should Have.....

This morning I woke up, had a shower and then went into my little beauty room to get ready, first I went to freshen up my hair with some Batiste dry shampoo.....empty, damn. Then I went to spray on some deodorant....empty, oh god today is not going well.....

So frantically I was searching around to find another bottle of each or something that would help me out! 

I then remembered many many years ago someone telling me they use baby powder (talc) in emergencies and it has many many uses.....

Dry shampoo is powder based, the powder soaks up the grease in your hair making it look and feel less greasy, so I grabbed my talc and popped some on my roots and brushed through......fantastic, now I wouldn't use this all of the time as it doesn't smell as nice as Batiste but it did the job just fine!

Next for deodorant, luckily I wasn't going to be wearing a colour that the talc would show up on, so I carefully dusted my armpits with some powder, silky smooth and suprisingly lasted for the day!

As I was doing this I remembered another tip a friend told me, she used to buy expensive foot odour powders which you pop into your pumps to stop your feet from sweating, we all get it, especially us girls when we live in pumps all summer so I have been using talc instead and it works wonders!

Then I thought to myself I wonder if it can be used in any other way? And yes it can! When I am using loose powder eye shadows, or even normal eye shadows I get fall out, and I have always been told to put loose powder underneath my eye to catch the shadow then dust away once finished, so why should I use my expensive powder to just dust it away when I have applied my eyeshadow, use talc!! It doesn't make your face white, which I know some people will be thinking it might, which is fantastic!

This bottle cost me 99p and it has so so many uses! I think everyone should have a 'stand-by' bottle of talc for life's little emergencies.

Do you have a go to emergency product, or have you ever used talc in the ways I have said? I would love to know!




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