Washi! Skin Polishing Kit.....

Washi! is a brand I hadn't heard of before and after receiving this Skin Polishing Kit in my North Meet Up goodie bag I was excited to know more about them as I instantly loved the look of the brand.....

Washi! Skin Polishing Kit retails for £6.95,  I instantly noticed how unbelievably soft the cloths are, this I think is due to them being made from pure cotton.

I loved how they were presented, wrapped up in a pink ribbon, little touches like this make me want to purchase more from a brand so I logged onto their website which you can find here and I think they are really reasonably priced.

In the Skin Polishing Kit you receive a Washi! Hot cloth, which you use with your favourite cleanser, this cloth is super soft and has fine fibres to gently cleanse your face and you also get a Washi! Skin polishing towel which is quite large with larger fibres which you use this to dry your face and buff away and dead skin.

I think these are fantastic, I love using them both and I also think they would make a fab little gift, if you buy a set of Hot Cloths from them you can choose from a few different designs of how you would like them packaged making them all the more personal and like I said a great little gift, you can pick up 5 Hot Cloths for £5.95 or 10 for £8.95 - Bargain!

Have you heard of Washi! before?




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