Hey It's OK.....

When I read Glamour magazine I always enjoy reading the section called "Hey It's OK....." a page that makes us all feel better for the silly little things we do, so I thought I would do a beauty version and confess to some things I do and maybe you girls do too, yes I really am doing this......

Hey It's OK.....

.....To highlight underneath your brows so you can get away without plucking for one, OK maybe two, more days.

.....To only shave your legs regularly in the summer months, we all need a bit of extra warmth in the winter right?

.....To only tan parts of your body that will be on show, don't judge me, I am in a long term relationship ;)

.....To sit watching TV picking off mascara, this is not good for your lashes but I somehow do this without noticing!

.....To own a bag full of nail varnish but only paint your nails once a month when you go out somewhere nice.

.....To forget over and over to buy a new razor and continue using your old blunt one instead.

.....To leave it a liiiiiittle bit too long to wash your makeup brushes *slaps wrist*

.....To never file my nails unless you have broken one.


.....To apply a great face of makeup just because you are bored at home and you wear it all day without leaving the house.

.....To use dry shampoo more times a week than you wash your hair.


I can't believe I wrote them all down! If you are brave enough you are more than welcome to do this type of post too, I would love to read some of your beauty blunders!




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