Cailyn 2 In 1 Conditioning Mascara.....

Cailyn is a brand I have never ever heard of until I received this mascara, so after a quick Google I found out that Cailyn are a leading cosmetic retailer and wholesaler of innovative, all natural and minerals based makeup products. At the North Meet Up I was given this mascara, I adore testing out new mascaras so I was very excited to try this product out, especially as I had never heard of the brand before.

Cailyn 2 in 1 Conditioning Mascara.

I like that the mascara comes in a box, yes it is slightly pointless but I think it gives it a higher end feel rather than just your regular mascara grabbed from the stand.

Inside the box is a large chunky tube, nice and simple.

"Apply product onto lashes as directed and notice visibly longer, thicker, stronger lashes in just 3-4 weeks. The 2 in 1 Eyelash Conditioning Mascara delivers at the cellular level to feed lashes with nature's most powerful ingredients."

The applicator is a rubber wand which I much prefer to bristle mascara wands, I find them much easier the use and I find the product goes on to my lashes more evenly.

Now, below are pictures of me putting the product to the test, my eye lashes are basically non existent and have a mind of there own (please excuse the crazy brows).....

I applied two coats of the mascara and absolutely love the results, the mascara lengthens my lashes so so much, I have also noticed after using it nearly everyday for a good few weeks now my lashes do look and feel much more conditioned and less are falling out when I am removing makeup.....

This is honestly the best mascara I have ever used, but here comes the downside.....

In the US this mascara retails for $28.00 which is around £18 but here in the UK it is much trickier to get your hands on, Ideal Beauty Products have it on their website for a whopping £30!!! I am so disappointed with this price difference as I would happily pay £18 for it as it is fantastic, but I really feel that £30 is too steep to spend on a mascara.


I will enjoy using this product up, and after that I will have to hunt some down from somewhere or hope the brand make it more readily available here in the UK annnnnd at a reasonable price.

Have you heard of Cailyn?




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