Are You A Beauty Hoarder.....

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all well. I have had an unexpected opportunity to write for a local website which I am very excited about so last nights post went out of the window with me getting over excited *as you do* and today I have been a busy bee too. Now I am showered and pampered I thought I would have a little sort out of my beauty room and I was surprised at my findings.....

I have never been a skincare hoarder, show me a blush or a lipstick and I need want them all.

This afternoon I started sorting out what skincare I have and what I should start testing out and reviewing for you guys and I have managed to collect this little lot.....

Now I can imagine this is nothing compared to you beauty-a-holics but for me this was a real eye opener. How have I managed to gather all this, this isn't it all either as I have a little stash in the bathroom too!

Where to start!

Are you a hoarder of certain products, if so what do you love collecting and can't seem to stop buying?




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