Sugar FREE Sweets?!?!

So this is a different and yummy type of post today. 

My name is Em and I am a sweetaholic. 

I am not really into chocolate, don't get me wrong I like it but if you put chocolate and sweets in front of me, sweets would win every time. So imagine my delight to unpack my goody bag from the North Meet Up to find these beauties inside.....

Bittersweet Sugar-Free Fluffy Marsh Mallow!

When I first saw the packaging it instantly reminded me of a certain makeup brand we all know, Benefit, very cute and playful......

Bittersweet are a confectionery brand specialising in sugar-free sweets, fulfilling your sweet tooth without sugar! This is music to my ears! 

I just adore how the packaging opens and closes! I Think I will keep this box once I have eaten the contents (which will be very soon), I am not sure what for but I just really really like it.....

Inside are 10 very large and delicious marshmallows packaged in plastic packaging to keep them fresh. I have checked out their website and they are quite expensive at £5.95 a tub or 2 for £10. They have all sorts of different sweets ranging from cola bottles to pear drops!  

The marshmallows are delicious, as you can see above I have sampled them just to be sure they are 'OK' before posting this ;)

Although I won't be buying them all of the time I do think they are a very cute gift or a lovely little treat for yourself.

Have you heard of Bittersweet before? And....are you a chocoholic or a sweetaholic like me?




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