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Money Supermarket are running a fabulous competition again called '30 ways to save 1 pound'. So I have come up with my top 30 money saving tips to share with you.


1. Whenever you are shopping make sure you set a budget before leaving the house of how much you are willing to spend ie. £20, draw the cash out and don't use your cards.

2. If you are shopping online ALWAYS compare prices, I use search engines to compare prices and where I can find the best deals, doing this you can find free delivery codes or even free gifts.

3. When doing you food shopping always check the weight or ml of the product before buying 'special offers' sometimes it is cheaper to buy 2 small products than the one large product on 'special offer'.

4. Whenever you have loose change in your purse or pocket, throw it into a jar, you will be surprised how much it can build up over time.

5. NEVER go food shopping when you haven't eaten, if I go food shopping while I am hungry I can spend an extra £20+!!!

6. CHARITY SHOPS ARE AMAZING! Some people may turn there noses up at them but you can find some fabulous bargains from clothes to home accessories plus you are giving to charity at the same time! Bonus!

7. Buy own brand essentials in supermarkets for example pasta, canned foods, toilet rolls etc You will be amazed at the comparisons in prices, I save so much buy doing this.


8. As a beauty blogger I am constantly wanting to try different products but can't always afford to, instead of buying new products get together with friends and have a swap of the products you no longer use or like.

9. If you have lots of beauty products like myself, tell yourself you are not allowed that new eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick until you have finished one you already own, this will keep you focused on not impulse buying.

10. If you buy a foundation that is the wrong shade (we have all done this at some point) instead of it going to waste, mix it with a little bit of moisturiser and voila you have a tinted moisturiser.

11. If you like to regularly visit the hairdressers or beauty salon why not see if you have a college in your local area where students practise on yourself under the watchful eye of a professional for a tiny tiny cost or free, this could save you a small fortune!

12. 'Like' your favourite brands on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter as they often give away free samples of the latest products for you to try and also tell you about money off deals and sales.

13. When you think you have finished a bottle of shower gel, shampoo, face wash, fill the bottle with a little bit of water and shake, you will get another 1 or 2 uses out of it (this also works with washing up liquid - random!)

14. Read blogs (cheap plug) more often than not bloggers are up to date with the latest tips, tricks, trends and fashions, this will save you buying weekly magazines!

15. Instead of buying expensive hair masks, use your normal conditioner as a mask, wrap your hair in a towel and leave for as long as you like, rinse thoroughly and you will have amazingly soft hair!


16. Make your own lunch for work EVERYDAY. 

17. If you are thinking of joining a gym, go for a walk or a run instead, if you don't want to go alone ask a friend to join you.

18. Instead of a girls night out at the weekend have a girls night in, even if this is once a month it will save you a lot of money.

19. When cooking double up on your quantities and freeze what's left over, this will cost a lot less to make and saves you cooking on another day.

20. Going to the cinema can cost a small fortune, why not have a film night at home, buy treats from your local shop and take advantage of websites like who offer a free 30 day trial, also did you know you can rent films from your local library?

21. Always be on the look out for new service providers, you often don't get rewarded for being a loyal customer so switch if you see a better deal.

22. Now Royal Mail have hiked up there prices yet again, try using courier services like Hermes who charge considerably less, prices start from £2.75 for up to 1kg compared to Royal Mails price of £5.65 for 1kg.

23. Make lists. I am a list addict, I find I feel more organised and less likely to spend when I write a list of things I need.

24. Don't be lazy. Do you really need to drive to the shops that is less than a 5 minute walk away? No, get some fresh air and walk, be aware that those short journeys in the car cost money.

25. Drink water. It's free, good for you and does wonders for your skin unlike the fizzy pop we like to guzzle.

26. Always check your heating timer, I check mine everyday to adjust it to what I will need for that day, you don't want your heating to be coming on while your at work and now here in the UK it is warming up we don't need our heating on all night while we are sleeping right?

27. Want a fabric freshener that doesn't cost a fortune? Dissolve some of your washing powder  in hot water, let it cool and put into an old spray bottle and you have a fabric freshener that costs pennies! I do this all of the time to use on my sofa, curtains, clothes, carpets etc.....

28. If you are overspending each month keep a spending diary. Write down how much and what you buy every time you spend, then each week look back and see what you can cut back on, you will be shocked at how much you spend on non essential items.

29.  Use websites like Top Cash Back EVERY TIME you shop online, you may only get a few pence back (every little helps) but sometimes you can be rewarded with a great sum of cash.

30. Sell what you don't use. There are so many ways to get rid of unwanted items, Ebay, Music Magpie, Envirophone, Gumtree the list is endless, if you haven't used it for a while why not make a few pennies for yourself :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this and some of these tips are useful for you. If you would like to read some of the other fantastic tips other people have come up with search for #30WaysToSave1Pound on Twitter. 

What are your top money saving tips?




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