Impress Nails.....

I absolutely hate using nail glue, hate hate hate it.

You know the stuff that sticks your fingers together and is painful to rip makes me feel sick and I am slightly scared of it HA! But as my nails aren't very long, I like to wear false nails for special occasions or days out etc, I can't have my nails done professionally as my job involves using my hands all the time so when Impress came onto the market I thought they would be perfect for me!

Impress* retail for around £8.99 from high street shops like Boots or Superdrug, the design I have is called TGIF.

They come in a fabulous range of shades and designs so really are great if like me you aren't great at painting your nails or even nail art. Inside the little nail polish bottle container you get 24 nails in a range of shapes and sizes, when you have found the right sizes for your nails you simply removed the plastic backing off the back of the nail and press onto your nail, simple!

They look fabulous and the length is perfect, not to long making them look fake. The one downside is that Impress claim that these can last up to a week which I think is slightly optimistic. The first time I bought Impress was for a wedding and they lasted a good three days but these ones I have used lasted less than a day, you can try to reapply them and press them back on if they are still sticky.....

Do I like Impress nails? Yes I do, even with them claiming they can last up to a week and for me they didn't I think these are fantastic for special occasions or days where you want beautiful nails without any hassle and without using the dreaded nail glue!

Have you tried Impress before?




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