ILAH Semi Permanent Mineral Brow Travel Kit.....

Today I am reviewing another product I received from the North Meet Up. I am a huge brow grooming fan, well aren't we all, and if you are a regular reader you will know I adore my Benefit Brow Zings so when I received this product I was very excited to try it out.....

ILAH Semi Permanent Mineral Brow Travel Kit RRP £29.99.

"ILAH brows created and designed by Celebrity beauty Artist Tahira Wells.
New ILAH brow travel kit- Designed for the women on the go who needs glamour in a kit.
Colours include - Brown, Black, Light Brown (Suitable for blondes) A lip balm and a brow balm
Use these universal powders on the brows, or the eyes. By applying the balm first to the brow or the brush you can achieved a crayoned look (suitable for those who like pencilled brows)" 

First off I just want to say that I am extremely grateful for being able to test this product out but I have to give my honest opinion about the product even though it was gifted to me, with that out of the way here is what the kit looks like inside.....

I am a little bit disappointed with the finishing touches of the palette, if you were paying £29.99 you would expect it to be in perfect condition but as you can see the powders are wonky, my balm was dented and another thing I was disappointed with is the brush that comes with it..... 

This brush to me is something I would expect in a MUA palette when you are paying about £4.00 not almost £30.00. Next I noticed the outer packaging was all scratched.....

The kit comes with three different shaped stencils - New York, London and Paris all of which I felt were too thin for my brows so I have applied some of the powder and balm to the back of my hand for you to see the shape of New York, gorgeous shape but my brows are slightly thicker.....

The powders them self are a really nice consistency and have a great pigmentation, I like the concept of a travel brow kit and this is a fabulous size to carry around in your handbag, but my Benefit Brow Zings contains a wax which I much prefer to a balm so unfortunately I wouldn't purchase this product. I am hoping I was unlucky and got a old kit as I hate writing bad reviews but I have always said I will be honest with my readers.

Have you heard of ILAH before?




  1. I didn't get on with it either Em. Just didn't like the powders or the kit itself. Doesn't quite justify £30 in my eyes. Now it's going to sit in my drawer forever more!

    Paula ♥ | xo

    1. I agree Paula, I expected a little bit more after being told the price.


  2. For £30 I'd definitely expect better packaging. Great review. Raspberrykiss xo

  3. I have this but found using the stencils hard - I prefer my MUA eyebrow kit I think.

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