UNE Sale.....

When I told you about my Boots bargains I mentioned that I had bought some UNE products in the sale. They have 75% OFF all of their products so I bought these.....

UNE Lip-Toned Colour Lipstick shade 601 - RRP £7.99 - Paid £2.00.
UNE Breezy Cheeks Blush Grand Air shade B12 - RRP £7.99 - Paid £2.00.

Bargains right? Well.....

I have never tried UNE before as I don't really like the 'look' of the brand, I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I did *slaps hand* but while they are having a sale I thought why not test them out.

The lipstick is a really warm shade and one I would definitely wear everyday, the lipstick is super moisturising and the pigmentation of it is fantastic one coat is all you need for full on colour.....

It lasts quite a while and you get a good amount of product, there is also no scent to it (I know some people don't like scents on lipsticks, me...i'm not to bothered either way). So all in all I really like this lipstick, the one downside is the packaging, to me it looks dated and cheap but the product inside is fab, if there was a shade I really wanted I would repurchase! 

Now onto the cream blush.....

This product is a lovely warm shade again, to the touch it it super soft and doesn't feel greasy at all, which for me who doesn't really like cream blushers is a very big bones, it glides onto the skin easily but the shade doesn't transfer to the skin as the warm colour I was expecting.....

To me it looks really orange so I was quite dissapointed, I may use this in the summer *maybe* but i'm not too sure, also when I opened the blush which is a slide action, the mirror fell off straight away, again taking me back to the packaging not being great.....

So overall I really like my lipstick but I doubt I will repurchase anything anytime soon from the UNE range.

Have you ever tried UNE?




  1. Shame about the packaging! I've never tried UNE before, but if its in the sale, I might have to take a look


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  3. The blusher does look quite dark, it would definitely be too dark for me... though I used to think the same of BeneFit Hoola and I love that product xx


  4. Never purchased from Une as I've never really seen it in a makeup store. I think the lip product looks really nice on your skintone though :)

  5. I actually have used the une foundation before and I thought it was a really great match for my skin colour which is usually really hard to find!




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