Nails Inc Bruton Street.....

What, a nail polish post from Em's Mixed Bag I hear you cry? Well, I doubt you thought that but I realized when taking pictures for this post, that I never hardly ever do nail polish posts, not because I don't like nail polish  I love it, but because I am rubbish at applying it nicely and I am sooooo impatient. I will apply it and expect it to be dry instantly, then start doing things with my nails still being wet and get angry when I smudge them, daft or what! 

This polish my lovely friend Becky bought me for Christmas and I adore it, such a great everyday pretty shade.....

Nails Inc Bruton Street RRP £11.00.

You will have to excuse my odd nails they have a mind of their own growing in all different shapes and sizes, I need to file them asap!

This shade is a dusky pink with a hint of lilac and is just so wearable!

I have been wearing this everyday for ages! I usually use a Sally Hansen top coat which is 'OK' I would love to try the Seche Vite top coat, has anyone tried this out?

I really like Nails Inc polishes but at £11 each I think they are a little treat for every now and again with them being at the higher end price for nail polish, this lasts a good few days when using a top coat which is great for me as usually my nails chip instantly! 

What is your fave Nails Inc shade?




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