My New Bathroom Accessory.....

I love having a bath. I love relaxing in a piping hot bath with tons of bubbles, but I always hate having a bottle of bubble bath plonked on the side of my bath, unless you buy an expensive bottle they aren't exactly the prettiest of things so I had an idea to keep your bubble bath next to the bath in a pretty way.

Me and my friend Becky started browsing charity shops for a decanter, yes you heard right, a decanter, something usually old men keep their whiskey in or some form of alcohol  but how pretty would a decanter look full of bubble bath!! 

If your not sure what a decanter is they usually look like this.....

But, we couldn't find one anywhere. When we asked local charity shops if they get them at all they told us yes they did but they get snapped up pretty quick. So I kept my eyes peeled but had no luck. Anyway, for my birthday Becky came with a big bag and told me to be very careful with it and I instantly knew what it was! She couldn't find a second hand one so bought me this very very pretty version.....

How gorgeous!!! It has a very beautiful and delicate lid and I have filled in with a delicious coconut bubble bath which Becky bought for me.....

What do you think? Good idea or a bit too much?




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