MUA Undressed VS Sleek Storm.....

Two of my absolutely favorite eye shadow palettes are MUA Undressed and Sleek Storm, it wasn't until I recently had a make up sort out that I realised how very similar these palettes are.....

MUA palettes retail for £4.00 each and Sleek palettes retail for £7.99 so both of these palettes don't break the bank. The big difference you will notice before even trying out the shadows is the packaging. Sleek palettes have a sturdy black case with a large mirror inside whereas the MUA palette is slightly less sturdy and no mirror is provided.

I have owned both of these palettes for quite some time, hence the slightly 'well loved' packaging. I have taken pictures below of each palette with and without the flash, MUA is the top palette and Sleek is at the bottom.....

As you can see each palette has very similar shades, I think the MUA eye shadow has a finer consistency than the Sleek, which is slightly more chunky. 

I have to say the pigmentation of both of these palettes is fantastic and they are also both very easy to apply. Below I have swatched 2 similar shades from each palette the bottom being Sleek and the top being MUA.....

The Sleek shadows are very highly pigmented but MUA definitely give them a run for their money with the palette being half the price! Even though the Sleek is more pigmented and lasts just ever so slightly longer on the lid I have to admit I ADORE my MUA Undressed palette and use it almost every day but if I were to be doing a smokey eye look for an evening out I think I would pick the Sleek Storm palette!

Overall I love both of these palettes and think they are both amazing value for money, with high street brands  producing amazing products like this I doubt I will ever spend a lot of money on higher end eye shadows!

You can see my original review on the MUA Undressed palette - HERE.

Do you have either of these palettes?




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