Charity Shop Bargains #4.....

I have been at it once again, buying bits and pieces from my local charity shops. Me and my friend Vanesa have decided to make it a regular thing to go every Saturday morning, it's for a good cause so why not!

This week I didn't pick up any bargainous beauty products like last time (you can read about that here) but I got some very cute bits and pieces.....

First things that caught my eye were these gorgeous scarfs. In my local British Heart Foundation they had a full rail of beautiful scarfs, eventually I narrowed the whole rail down to these two.....

I adore the pattern of the orange scarf it's so pretty! These were £1.50 each!

We then headed to Oxfam where I picked up 2 little items, bot of these items I had picked up the previous time I was in there and put them back down for some reason, but when I saw them still there I just had to take them, they must of been getting lonely in that shop and nobody wanted them so I felt obliged! This pretty little bracelet cost 49p, 49p!!!!

And this very cute photograph holder cost a tiny 99p.....

Then we headed to Cancer Research UK and I snapped up these gorgeous cake tins, these were reduced from £10.99 to £2.99!!!! I'm not sure whether they will be used for cakes or my makeup!

And last but not least while we were browsing Barnardos I found this lovely purple spotted Totes umbrella, brand new for £1.99, I needed an umbrella and was going to nip to Primark so this saved me a few pounds and these usually retail for £10-£12!

So that's a total spend of £9.46!! I love having a rumage through the charity shops and we have so much fun (Vanesa took the picture below of me with 'a mini shot glass' as I called it) and it's all for a good cause!

Have you been charity shop shopping lately?




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