Charity Shop Bargains #3 - It's A Good One.....

You guys know I love finding bargains in charity shops (you can see my other find here)and today I found a fantastic one. I will show you what else I got first of all, every time I go into my local British Heart Foundation they have a box full of bagged and paired earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces and every time I go I have to pick some up as the prices are crazy, so today I picked up these.....

A beaten metal ring, which didn't photograph to well but it is just gorgeous, this cost 99p and this pretty silver plated cross bracelet again at 99p! I also picked up these.....

Galaxy Oils in scents Green Apple and Sea Breeze, I have a big obsession with my oil burner so grabbed these as soon s I saw them at 30p each!

And here it is my best find to date.....

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in shade Bronze - BRAND NEW!

I was so excited to see this and my friend was green with envy (sorry Vanessa lol). And if you didn't see the price on the top picture it was.....

£2.49!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was in my local Oxfam! If this doesn't get you into charity shops I don't know what will. We also went into our local Barnados and the clothes in there were amazing, River Island, Oasis, Warehouse the lot but I was trying to be good so I didn't buy any clothes.

Have you picked up any charity shop bargains recently?




  1. OMG that is the bargain of the century! Well done!! xx

  2. OMFG!!! no effing way!!! amazing!!!! well done you!!!!!! enjoy it! <3

  3. Wow what a bargain.... Go you xx

  4. That was a great bargain and I love the colours xx

  5. OMG!! So jealous!! A great bargain!! :D

    xxx ABI

  6. I used to shop in charity shops all the time, I have 4 really close ot my house, but lately not been well enough. BUT i have your bargain beat i'm afraid. I once got a brand new leather hugo boss slouch bag, genuine not fake, for £3 i looked it up online and it was £300 at the cheapest place i could find. i gave it my daughter and everyone who saw it was gob smacked. I have had lots of bargain clothes but mainly for men, so my OH and my son do really well. don't get much for me as near me everything is a size 8 or 10 for some reason and I need a 14 bottoms and a 16 top :( i did once get a black wool coat for £3 in a charity shop sale though, love charity shops :) great post hon x
    Angela x

    1. WOW Angela that is amazing!!!! I can't get enough of Charity shops at the moment lol!


  7. *gasp* Bobbi brown! I didn't know charity shops sold that, so jealous, I really want to try out Bobbi brown!


  8. Wow I can't believe that price. That's incredible!!!! Lucky thing xx


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