Bargainous Body Butter.....

I have found the most amazing body butter for the most ridiculous price ever! Now that the sun has finally started shining and spring is definitely on it's way I have been thinking more and more about getting my legs ready for summer, I kind of neglect them in the winter, no one sees them so who cares, but in the summer every year I get dry skin on my legs from shaving them everyday (in the winter they will be lucky to see a razor once a week - gross I know - am I the only one who does this, oh well) so I need a really thick body butter.

I was having a browse of my local Poundland and I picked up this for, you guessed it, a pound!

Body Lishuss Body Butter Cocoa scented 200ml!!!!!

This body butter is PROPER butter really really thick and super creamy and the smell is just divine, I could honestly eat it! They did 4 'flavours' including Almond (also smelt good enough to eat), strawberry and vanilla (which didn't smell to great).

When I next go into town I will definitely be picked up a few more of these as they are amazing!

How do you prep you legs for summer?




  1. You can find some real bargains in Poundland and this sounds gorgeous! Definitely time to start thinking about getting the legs ready, I always forget until its the first beach day and I turn up and they're pasty dry and gross! xx

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  2. Your not alone in the winter shave habits lol xx

  3. I love hunting in Poundland! Got an argan oil hair mask yesterday, looking forward to trying it out! x

  4. I love looking at the Poundland beauty section! This sounds pretty good :)


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