50 Random Facts About Me *Tag*.....

I have seen this tag floating around the blogosphere and my lovely friend Jayne who writes What J Loves did it so I thought I would too :)

So here we go.....

1 - I was born in Bangor North Wales in a hospital which is now a JJB Sports.

2 - I have moved house more times than I care to remember (must be over 20 times in my life!)

3 - I have 3 siblings 1 brother  who is 4 and I have 2 sisters who are 10 and 16 all of them are half siblings, we all share the same mum, me and the now 16 year old below.

4 - My mother and I haven't spoken for 10 years.

5 - I am terrified of the hairdressers, I don't think I have been to one for at least 7 years eeeekkkk!

6 - I am a secret crisp addict, I could sit and munch crisps alllllllll day my favorite are Seabrook crisps or Walkers Thai Chili Sensations, YUM!

7 - I actually enjoy watching Manchester United play football, not that I would ever ever admit that to my boyfriend!

8 - When I was a toddler people used to call me 'thunder thighs' as I was HUGE!

9 - I am the heaviest sleeper EVER. I basically go into a coma when I sleep - embarrassing picture to follow.....

10 - When I was at high school I was really naughty, always talking and never doing much

work, although I did really well in my GCSE's, surprisingly! 

11 - I have done a topless bungee jump (yes alcohol was consumed beforehand).

12 - I am terrified of heights ^HAHA^ Unless drunk.

13 - My boyfriend and I have known each other for 12 years (we have been together for 6) and I

used to think he was a total arse!

14 - I could sit and listen to music all day, the cheesier the better 90's pop is amazing, I also love R'n'B and everything that is in the charts.

15 - When it comes to food I can probably count on one hand the foods I don't like - Olives

 being one of them YUK - I am a total foodie!!

16 - I used to date a guy when I was 17 that was a lorry driver, we traveled all around England and France in his lorry he was 32 at the time.

17 - I have lived away from my family home since I was 15 and had to look after myself (I'm a tough cookie).

18 - I have a major obsession with blogging, I can't get enough of reading and writing blogs!

19 - I am really happy in my own skin but there are 2 things I would change if I could, flatter tummy (don't we all) and I have these 2 horrible lines around my mouth that make me look like a monkey!

20 - My dad is a Jehovah's witness where I am not.

21 - I have never been christened.

22 - Ashley loves camping and we go a couple of times a year, what he doesn't know is that I really struggle camping and get so angry trying to shower in those stupid shower blocks LOL! 

23 - 23 is my lucky number, don't know why it just always has been  

24 - My great grandma is still alive and she is 95!!!!!!

25 - I have got to the age now where I enjoy and crave my own company ha!

26 - Darcy has taken over my life, we have had her for a month now and I couldn't imagine life without her.

27 - People without manners make my blood boil more than anything!

28 - I have a addiction to buying lipsticks, I could never get bored of them. Ever.

29 - I only wash my hair about twice a week, I am really lucky and my hair stays clean for so long!

30 - My favorite place in the world that I have seen so far is Egypt and I want to go back asap!

31 - When I was in Egypt I swam around a coral reef in the middle of the ocean, it was breath taking.

32 - I have a HUGE crush on Will Smith.

33 - I have a huge girl crush on Rihanna - Who doesn't?!

34 - I find it really easy to talk to people I don't know and make friends quite easily.

35 - I am not a very good cook at all.

36 - I hate shaving my legs in the shower and will purposely have a bath just so I can shave my legs (is this just me?!)

37 - When I was about 10 I won a competition for designing a bedroom for a show home, since then I wanted to be an interior designer, I don't anymore!

38 - I tried sushi (maki) for the first time ever this weekend, it was really delicious.

39 - My boyfriend and I used to work together in Hampshire as a 'live in couple' for a very very rich couple.

40 - I love going to the horse racing, especially in my home town Chester.

41 - I am usually in bed every night (apart from maybe at the weekend) by 10pm, I LOVE my sleep.

42 - Since moving into my new house 2 months ago I have become obsessed with buying heart shaped everything!

43 - I HATE winter so much, I could honestly just hibernate for 6 months.

44 - Even though I am beauty obsessed, when I am abroad or camping beauty goes out of the window as well as fashion.

45 - Every job interview I have ever had I have gone and got the job, go me :)

46 - Since blogging I have become a hoarder, I think I need to have a blog sale asap!

47 -  I have a HUGE addiction to charity shops as my readers will know, you can find some amazing bargains in them!

48 - When it comes to clothes I will choose comfort over looking fashionable, however when it comes to shoes I will always choose high heels over flats.

49 - I am a size 12/14 in clothes and love being curvy.

50 - This post took me and age to write and my mind went completely blank for a looooooong time while writing it!

So there you go, 50 random facts about me, if you have done this post then feel free to link below as I would love to read them. Do you share any of my random facts?




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