Rosslyn Tea Cup Candle

Hello there strangers! I haven't posted since Sunday because of the new addition to our house hold Darcy, she has definitely taken over our lives and is such a bundle of fun, we are starting to get into a routine with her so I can start posting daily again YEY!

On Monday 11th Feb it was my birthday, 25th eekkkk, and some absolutely wonderful ladies I know sent me gifts, all of who I have met through our love of beauty and I wanted to show you what I got of them but instead of doing one huge post I would show you the presents individually.

The lovely Sandra who writes Beauty Balm bought me this absolutely adorable gift.....

A gorgeous poppy teacup candle!!! How gorgeous is this, I absolutely love candles and always have some around the house, it's that pretty I didn't want to burn it but I eventually have!!! It smells just amazing the scent is described as 'fields of wild poppies, freshly cut grasses and a hint of purple heather'

"Rosslyn Candle Company produces natural soya wax candles, lovingly handmade close to Rosslyn Chapel (made famous by the book and film The Da Vinci Code), near Edinburgh. We produce Limited Edition candles presented in china teacups with poppy or bluebell motif and matching saucers."

This is just such a great gift idea and would definitely buy one for a friend. They come in 2 different styles the other being Bluebell wood and if you would like to treat someone special.

Thank you so much Sandra.




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