Magazine Subscriptions With Free Gifts....

I have recently subscribed to Cosmopolitan magazine and with it I will receive a free gift, now we all love a freebie don't we and there are quite a few on the market at the moment so I thought I would share them with you all (these links were all working when I tested them out 28/02/2013).


If you subscribe to Glamour you will receive a 50ml bottle of Kim Kardasians perfume GLAM RRP aprox £30.00. I subbed to 6 issues for £6.00. You can subscribe here.


Glamour are offering us 2 full sized OPI nail polishes with a 6 month subscription, RRP £23.00, again this costs £6.00 for 6 issues, you can find this offer here.


Subscribe to Red and you will receive a 50ml bottle of Especially Escada EDT RRP is around £50.00, this subscription costs £9.99 for 6 issues, you can find this offer here.


If you subscribe to Company magazine you will receive a Little White Lie Tanning spray, tanning lotion and exfoliator worth £37.50 all for £12 for 12 issues.

Elle are offering  a free Revlon make up set worth £34.46 with a 6 month subscription for £10 to see what you get click here.

There are probably more offers available but these are the ones I am interested in, there are also lots of freebies on the front of magazines this month so keep your eyes peeled, I know Glamour have teamed up with Percy and Reed again!

Please note that there are always terms and conditions when subscribing to magazines, gifts are sometimes limited, also if you only want what you have paid for make sure you cancel AFTER the payment is taken otherwise they will continue your subscription even when you have had the issues you pay for, gifts can also take a while to get to you so be patient :)

I am off to subscribe for the Escada perfume now (it's too much of a bargain to miss out on!)

Have you found any good subscription gifts recently?




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