Boots Bargains.....

I popped into Boots on Monday evening, not for anything in particular, I was waiting for a friend to finish work, but, as you do, I ended up spending a little bit :)

I had seen these on a blog a while ago and totally forgot I wanted to try them out.....

Botanics Facial Loofahs.

When I was my face sometimes I don't feel a muslin cloth is enough so these are facial loofahs which help to deep cleanse and exfoliate your face, I apply my cleanser to it and have a good scrub! They look hard when dry but once they are wet they soften up, without being too soft, in a pack you get 5.....

And these cost me £2.75 - Must cheaper than a Clarasonic right?!

Next I picked up some hair dye as my roots are horrendous, this was on offer for £5 so I thought I would give it a go (I will review fully when I get chance to use it).

Then, I noticed the UNE stand had a whopping 75% OFF EVERYTHING, I have never tried UNE before, I don't know why but it always reminds me of an old ladies brand (Sorry UNE) but I picked these up and on swatching them I am very happy, especially with the price I paid.....

I got: Lip-Toned Colour Lipstick in shade 601 and a Breezy Cheeks Blush in shade Blush Grand Air or B12 (Not sure which is the shade?) I paid around £2.00 each for these and they were meant to be around £7-8 each.

I will review these both fully when I test them out on my face. And last but not least something boring but something I cannot live without.....

Cotton wool pads (told you it was boring) I go through tooonnnnss of these and use them for everything!

Have you found any bargains lately in Boots?




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