A Wonder-ful Eye Cream.....

Recently I have become quite a skin care addict, for ages I didn't really bother with skincare other than one moisturizer when I could remember to put it on (bad, I know) but as I am getting older I am noticing my skin isn't as great as it used to be so I have been testing out a few different products and this product has really really stood out for me.....

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - "Our triple-action eye cream to help revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines."

Balance Me have been everywhere recently,free with magazines, in beauty boxes, and to be honest it was a brand that didn't really excite me, so much so I didn't even get the freebie when it came with Glamour (why oh why didn't I stock up) but after testing it out I am very excited to try more from this brand.

This 7ml tube I was sent from the lovely Nardine. I apply it it sparingly in the evening before bed using a 'dabbing' action not rubbing it in fully and my eyes, since using it, I swear have lost a bag, instead of 3 I now have 2 HA! Truthfully I have noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of my skin around the eye, dark circles are reduced as well as bags and the skin is starting to look healthy again.

The cream is really light and soaks in beautifully, you can full size product from around £20 which may seem a lot to some but it would last you forever and it really works well for me. If you wanted to test this out you can pick up this size (7ml) for around £10 or you could look on Ebay (I saw one for £5 + P+P) I am definitely going to buy the full size when this runs out and I really want to test out more from the Balance Me range.

Have you tried anything from Balance Me?




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