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I was recently tagged by the lovely Emma who writes Glossy Boutique into this post, you can read Emma's post here. I don't usually do tags as soooo many go around but I really liked Emma's questions so thought I would have a sharing moment with you all n'aawwwww. So here are the rules:


-Answer the 11 questions set
-Set 11 questions for the 11 people you tag
-Mention the blog who tagged you


Here are the questions I was asked.....

1. What is your best memory from 2012?

I have had a pretty rubbish year, we moved back 'home' to Cheshire from Hampshire which was my happiest moment but we made the wrong desision on where to live, we have had so many problems with the flat we are living in BUT we are moving to a HOUSE in 2 weeks yippppeeeee=happy Em!!!

2. If you change one thing about 2012 what would it be?

See above! I would have been slightly more choosy about where we were going to call home.

3. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Definitely Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt - My boyfriend and I went here for our first abroad holiday together (after 4 years!!!) and we adored it, we cannot wait to go back and snorkel with all of the tropical fish again and drink too many cocktails!

4. What is your job/career?

Currently I am running my friends housekeeping business after being very unhappy managing a 5* hotel (boss with no manners and speaks to everyone like something off the bottom of his shoe - If you are reading this you know who you are!) but i'm hoping to do an evening course this year to gain more skills, i'm just not too sure what to do hhmmmmm.....

5. What do you hope for in 2013?

I hope that I can settle into my new home, I want to buy/make lots of gorgeous things for it and make it somewhere we can settle for quite some time. I am getting a puppy in Feb/March so I intend to excersize a lot more taking her (yep we have decided we want a girlie) for long walks, I am also hoping to start a Youtube channel and I really want to work hard on my blogging.

6. What product could you not live without?

Mascara, I have favorite brands such as ANY Maxfactor mascara, but I could not leave the house without a minimum of mascara on.

7. What's on your current wish list?

More Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (I own one - Crush - and adore it).
Real Techniques powder and blush brush.
I really want to try Benefit's They're Real (is it worth the hype anyone?).
I also want to try and perfect my skincare this year as I have just been going round in circles for god knows how long, the oily skin battle continues!

8. Favourite clothes shop?

That's a difficult one, I love H&M but only for certain things, DP's, Primark, Zara......I could go on.

9. Favourite blogger?

Oh my goodness that's so hard I recently did a post about my fave bloggers of 2012 here which you can read here (got out of that one didn't I).

10. What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

I am looking forward to being better with my money, bizarre I know but I have been awful this year but I really want 2013 to be my year to save.

11. Do you like tags!?

See above (right at the top) I do if they are different like this, not just the same old questions.

I am going to be lazy and use most of Emma's questions but I will change a couple. I m also going to tag more than 11 bloggers, I am tagging YOU, yes you reading this right now :) I want all of my fellow bloggers to do this tag because I am nosey!

1. What is your best memory from 2012?
2. If you change one thing about 2012 what would it be?
3. Where is your favourite holiday destination?
4. What is your job/career?
5. What do you hope for in 2013?
6. What product could you not live without?
7. What's on your current wish list?
8. If you HAD to choose one clothes as your favourite what would it be?
9. What is your favourite kind of blog to read and what attracts you to a blog?
10. What have you got planned for 2013?
11. Favourite beauty brand of 2012?




Thank you taking the time to comment on my blog - I will reply to any questions asked so make sure to check back.

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