New Year, New Home.....

Hello my lovely readers! 

This is just going to be a chatty post updating you on why I have been so quiet over the past week.....

I was meant to be moving house tomorrow as the flat I was living in was awful, imagine living in a garage, well that's exactly what it was like, cold, damp, mould growing from the walls (I am not exaggerating here) and just generally falling apart, when we first moved in in March the weather was lovely so we didn't notice how cold the flat would be, the flat had also been newly painted so looked OK, but..... as the summer ended and winter kicked in we have just had the most awful time living there, going to bed in 3+ layers, walking in the front door and it being the same temperature as outside. This eventually got me and my boyfriend extremely miserable and ill from the damp and mould we decided enough was enough so.......

I was at work on Monday and got a text off my boyfriend saying 'When you get home pack as much as you can and I will come and pick you up', so when I had finished work I opened the flat door and it was EMPTY, he had had the day off work and done everything *n'aaaaaaawwwww* He said he couldn't live like this for another minute and couldn't wait until Saturday so WE ARE IN A NEW HOUSE YEY!!

It's a WARM end of terrace and I couldn't be happier with the move, we have a brand new boiler which is a novelty to us as the old flat only had storage heaters and we have spent the week making it all cosy!

I still don't have any broadband at the moment but I have managed to find an old dongle to shove my sim card it so I can write up so posts for you to read :)

I hope you are all OK and for those of you in the UK wrapping up warm on this freezing cold snowy day, here in Chester it is really thick!

Now time to write some beautiful blog posts.....




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