NEW: Schwarzkopf Color Mask Shade 900 Hair Dye.....

As you all know I am a regular 'at home' hair dye kind of girl, I loved going to the hairdressers many moons ago but it's so expensive, I now always do it myself. I always use Nice'n Easy and they have been a firm favorite of mine for ages, then I tried Garnier Olia which uses oils which I reviewed here and I wasn't too impressed. Next on my 'latest to try list' is from Schwarzkopf.....

This cost me £3.99 as it was on an introductory offer and it will usually retail for around £7-£8 depending on where you buy it.

I chose shade 900 which is natural blonde.....

The kit contains all your usual suspects in an at home hair dye except instead of tipping the colouring solution into a bottle you pour it into a pot.....

Schwarzkopf claim:

'-Rich hair mask texture, no dripping
-Even, natural looking colour
-Perfect lift of up to 2 levels.'

Now for the purpose of this post I let me roots grow right out (this was not because I have been super lazy and looked slightly tramp-like these past few weeks lol), which ended up me looking like this *cringe*

So you put the colour treatment into the mask pot which already has some product inside and shake 40 times (very bizarre to say a number but hey ho)

And you are left with a pot of 'color mask'.

I found this really easy to apply using my fingers, I didn't think it would spread well but it really did, usually when I dye my hair it gets quite knotty while the dye is on but as this is non drip I could run my fingers through my hair no problem.....

I used the conditioner that came with the dye when I washed it out and have to say it's not a patch on my Nice'n Easy conditioner but I was extremely happy with the results!!! Please excuse the frizzyness I took this photo before straightening my hair.....

The dye took to my hair so quickly, it says to leave on for 30 minutes but I could see it developing almost instantly! It didn't smell at all and has left my hair feeling really soft, I really really like this product and I would definitely consider using this in place of Nice'n Easy, the one downside would be the colour range there is hardly a choice of shades and I would probably want to go brighter than this in the summer months so I may have to stick to Nice'Easy unless they brought out different shades *hint hint schwartzkopf*

Have you seen or tried this yet?




  1. This looks so good, but alas I think my home dye days are over as I'm probably going back my natural colour next month!! So tempting to try this though...

  2. The dark versions of this are very dark, even light brown almost comes out black and once rinsed off (4 times as it was still going darker into the evening), not impressed, while it may be good for light colours be wary of the browns, they don't seem to have got them quite right and I have had to remove the colour so I don't look like a scary goth (left the colour on for ten mins less too so god knows what I would have looked like after), rethink your developing times and colour charts I think Schwarzkopf!


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