My Perfect Eyeliner.....

Here comes a confession.....

I am awful at applying eyeliner. There I said it. I find it soooo difficult, I have tried pencil liners, felt liners (which were slightly easier than pencil) and I have tried gel liners too, all didn't seem to help me easily apply eyeliner and as I don't wear it too much, I just gave up until I got this.....

You will have to excuse the ripped sticker, I was too excited to find the 'hidden' brush inside the lid!

MUA Gel Eyeliner RRP £3.00.

This was another present in my secret Santa from Jo who I mentioned in my previous post.

You get a little post of gel eyeliner and a very cute little brush, after testing on my hand I applied it ot my eyes and my goodness it was really easy! I have tried a Topshop gel liner before and the formula was quite waxy so I just presumed that's what they were all like, how wrong I was, this eye liner is super soft and when it's dry it stays put for ages without going hard and flaking!

It's also great because it can be built up for a more intense colour! The one only downside I would say is the 'cute little brush' it does the job but I think I will need to invest in a decent full sized brush as this little one holds quite a lot of product.....

Overall this is such a huuuuuuge bargain and I am so so happy I have it!

What is your favourite type of eyeliner?




  1. Its very intensive! like it! show on eyes!;)

  2. Yay! Glad you like it :) I have one of these but not opened it yet x

  3. I have this in tribe, a bright blue colour, I love using it :) x

    1. I think I am going to get the other shades too!


  4. Ooh this looks good! I have so many pencil, liquid and gel liners to use up so can't buy anything till 2014 the earliest lol x

  5. Once my Rimmel Exaggerate liner has dried up I'm definitely going to buy this, looks gorgeous, might invest in a decent eyeliner brush too, like the, Jemma Kidd one Tanya Burr uses in her videos :)

  6. I am picking this up on Sunday no matter how many eyeliners I have! I find it hard to use eyeliners and so on, but I will have to give this one a go




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