My New Makeup Storage.....

For quite sometime my makeup has been very unorganized! A while ago I bought a huge Estee Lauder makeup bag and everything has just ended up in a disorderly fashion in there so I asked my boyfriend if he would buy me some drawers for my makeup for Christmas, I gave him ideas and showed him what I meant on the internet and off he went, I was slightly nervous but the boy did good, he picked these.....

These are 2 separate set of drawers with a funky newspaper print all over (my makeup brush bowl on top is from my local CancerReasearchUK which I posted about here).....

They have some strange little doggies on but I can live with them, they are quite cute. Anyway I had to ask him where they were from and how much they were so I could write this post, I did tell him not to spend more than £20 as I knew I could pick some up for that price, and I was very impressed when he told me they are from Debenhmas and cost £8.00 each = £16.00.

The drawers are really really deep and overall considering they are cardboard they are extremely sturdy! So now I keep inside what I use on a regular basis, one drawer for lipsticks, one for foundations, mascaras etc etc and I will rotate them with the seasons with the rest of my collection.

How do you store your makeup?




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