My MUA Lipstick Collection.....

All of you regular readers will know I adore MUA lipsticks, at a tiny £1 each what is not to like? The quality is just out of this world for the price and I have quite a collection of them now.....

11 so far (I will own them all).

One thing I did notice as I was lining them up to take this picture is that MUA have INCREASED the size of their lipsticks, I hadn't noticed before but I know the lipsticks on the left have been bought recently and the ones on the right were the first ones in my collection, BONUS!

From Left to Right we have (I have linked the ones I have previously reviewed if you want to see what they look like on your lips):

Shade 3
Shade 14 Bare
Shade 2 (I gave this one my own name on my review)
Shade ? (the number has rubbed off this one)
Shade 7 (Old version I think the colour has changed very slightly)
Shade 16

MUA have started to name some of the collection, I just hope it continues as I really like shades having names.

Gorgeous aren't they! I used to love MAC lipsticks but I honestly now wouldn't pay £14.50 for a MAC lipstick when I could have a whole collection of these well pigmented, long lasting bargains, have I mentioned they are a bargain ;) If you don't own one yet, go and buy one or five asap, if you are one of my international readers try and fine a swap partner to get your mitts on some!

Do you own any MUA lipsticks?




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