Do You Have Naughty Skin Days.....?

Today I decided my skin is extremely naughty! Do you get 'skin naughty' days? I looked in a 5x zoom mirror today and nearly fainted.....

I am going to show you a couple of (reluctant) pictures, they don't look AS bad as they do in 'real life'.

Enlarged pores are driving me insane at the moment, they spread across my nose and even onto my cheeks, yes all these get covered up with makeup but without they are awful.

Blotchy skin, I really need to find a product that helps with this.....any ideas?

Black heads/Oily skin - This has been a long time battle for me, I have oily skin and an active job which results in lots of excess oil.

When I looked into the evil mirror it made me quite upset. When I was younger my skin was fantastic, clean, clear and spot free, but as I am getting older (nearly 25, not exactly old) I can see signs of aging and the oiliness is just continuing, I have found 'quick fixes' but nothing long term.

So I am asking you for your help/recommendations.

I want less oily skin, with smaller pores and the product must have an anti aging aspect to it too. There is so much out there at the moment to use, cleansers, toners, moisturizers  serums, oils etc but how do you know what suits your skin without testing first. I for one don't mind spending a lot of money of the RIGHT product but I largely rely on recommendations.

What do you use to make your skin look clearer?




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