Dark Angels.....

In my last post My Favorite Products Of 2012 I mentioned my love for LUSH cleansers. I think they are really good quality and above all very good value for money, my recent cleanser to add to the collection is Dark Angels RRP £6.25/100g.

'We invented this as an alternative to Angels on Bare Skin for people with oilier skins.
Rhassoul mud, charcoal and black sugar combine to create a very absorbent and exfoliating cleanser.'

I was recommened this as my skin is being super naughty at the moment and is horribly oily, after being told that charcoal soaks up the oil I was sold, and to be really honest I have noticed a slight difference in my skin, I am going between cleansers at the moment so I think I might stick to only this one for a week+ to help combat the oil a bit more.

When you use it you literally pinch a little bit from the tub, I find this cleanser from LUSH a lot drier to the previous ones I have used like Let The Good Times Roll (review here).....

Then wet slightly and it turns into a paste.....

This one little pinch would cleanse your whole face, I think you could get 30-40 washes out of this one little pot (obviously depending on how much you use, but I think it's fab value for money. I am not overly keen on the scent as it is slightly licorice/aniseed but that I can cope with if it works.

Have you tried Dark Angles? Which LUSH cleanser is your favorite?




  1. I've not tried any of the Lush cleansers before, even though I'm a bit of a Lush hoarder! I love their products!

    I love reading who and when the stuff was made on the little stickers too! I'm easily pleased haha!

    Jen xx

    1. I am exactly the same, when I reviewed Let The Good Times Roll I mentioned how 'cute' the cartoon guy who made it was lol!


  2. Oh wow, this looks really cool but quite scary to put on the face! I love Lush cleansers, I currently use the Ocean Salt scrub, even though that's not a cleanser I love it! xx

    Almost Delightful

    1. I dread to think what I look like when using it (I use it in the shower so can't see myself lol). I was very nearly going to pick up Ocean Salt but I am being good with my money, so maybe next time :)


  3. I'm dying to try Lush skincare since it's all natural, but sometimes the prices scare me away. I can definitely see this soaking up oils, let us know how you like it!


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