Charity Shop Shopping.....

I have got the bug. The charity shop shopping bug. Ever since I found my little makeup brush holder (which I posted about here) I love having a browse through my local charity shops and yesterday I picked up some little bits and pieces, although they aren't beauty related I thought I would share with you what I found.....

Dorothy Koomson - The Cupid Effect 99p.
A original sketch of my much loved city Chester framed £3.00.
Padded heart decoration 75p.
Heart decoration made from recycled paper £2.00.

My boyfriend thinks I am bonkers but I am really pleased with my little buys, the heart decoration made from recycled paper is gorgeous and they also had a vase made in the same way which I want but that was a lot more expensive at £20, I may go back for it :)

I don't know what it is about this picture I just love it, I love my 'hometown' well Chester is a little city and I adore it so I want to collect pictures, hopefully original drawings to create a 'Chester wall' in my dressing room.....

What do you think?

Have you found any charity shop bargains recently?




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