Charity Shop Bargains #2.....

I have been at it yet again, browsing the charity shops for little treats and today I spent such a tiny amount for what I got! I am becoming slightly addicted to them! So first off I got something for my house.....

Yes a tea bag holder (LOL) I thought it was super cute and for 95p I had to take it home!

Now onto some gorgeous earrings.....

I really love these, they are slightly art deco, these were £1.49! Bargain!

These beauties were 99p!! I will thoroughly clean the obviously before using them but earrings like these would sell for a lot more if they were in some of the high street shops!

More earrings for 99p!

This is a pretty pointless piece but I think it's very cute, it needs a polish! I thought it could be a......urrrmmm i'm not sure yet but look, BUTTERFLIES :) This was £1.49.

And a couple of beauty items - Baylis & Harding wild rose and raspberry leaf soap 75p and The Body Shop white musk body lotion 50p, both are new.

So that's a total spend of......


I am very happy with my little bits and pieces, my boyfriend still thinks i'm bonkers but hey ho!

Do you like reading about what I find in charity shops? If you do I will continue writing these posts.




  1. Love going into charity shops, and when we moved house we gave them 15 black bin bags full of stuff to sell, love that you can do good and get things so cheap :) xx

    1. I took a big bag when we moved too Karen :) I always say if it's helping a good cause I must do it more often hehe!


  2. I wish the charity shops (op shops as they are called here) were as good as the ones in the UK. I miss the UK charity shops!! Those are some amazing finds!

  3. Wow, great items you've got! We have loads of charity shops, but I never get lucky and see something that I like :(


  4. Aw I love the tea bag holder, absolutely precious for a bargainous price! And so original x

  5. Lovely goodies. I think the silver plate would look pretty with a candle burning on it :) xx


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