Charity Shop Bargains #2.....

I have been at it yet again, browsing the charity shops for little treats and today I spent such a tiny amount for what I got! I am becoming slightly addicted to them! So first off I got something for my house.....

Yes a tea bag holder (LOL) I thought it was super cute and for 95p I had to take it home!

Now onto some gorgeous earrings.....

I really love these, they are slightly art deco, these were £1.49! Bargain!

These beauties were 99p!! I will thoroughly clean the obviously before using them but earrings like these would sell for a lot more if they were in some of the high street shops!

More earrings for 99p!

This is a pretty pointless piece but I think it's very cute, it needs a polish! I thought it could be a......urrrmmm i'm not sure yet but look, BUTTERFLIES :) This was £1.49.

And a couple of beauty items - Baylis & Harding wild rose and raspberry leaf soap 75p and The Body Shop white musk body lotion 50p, both are new.

So that's a total spend of......


I am very happy with my little bits and pieces, my boyfriend still thinks i'm bonkers but hey ho!

Do you like reading about what I find in charity shops? If you do I will continue writing these posts.




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