Can I HASK You A Question.....

OK, OK that title is slightly cheesy but I DO want to ask you a question. 

Have you ever heard of HASK? Well a few months ago I posted about a trip to Primark (here) and I noticed a, new to me, brand of hair oil called HASK. Well since posting my original post, HASK contacted me and asked whether I would like to try a few other products from the range and with my being a haircare-o-holic I said I would love to. Here is what I have got (some bought myself some c/o HASK).....

Argan Oil Hair Mask.
Natual Essential Conditioning Treatment.
Argan Oil.
Natural Essentials Leave In Conditioner.
Macadamia Oil.

Now, I am yet to try the Natural Essential leave in treatments but I will give a full review of them when I have used them.

When I tested the Macadamia treatments (oil and mask) I found that it really dried my hair out, Macadamia oil is meant to be 'easily absorbed to increase the strength of each hair strand and moisturize dry, lifeless locks,' For me it just didn't work but I know lots of others that swear by Macadamia oils. My hair is really thick, very long gets washed 2-3 times a week so I like to, once a week, have a deep treatment by applying the oil directly to dry hair and leaving it in for a few hours before washing as normal and my hair ADORES this.....

HASK Argan Oil.

This is meant to 'instantly absorbed to repair and control unmanageable hair by restoring hydration and smoothness and prevent further damage.' It leaves my hair feeling so weightless, shiny and just generally more manageable. Like I said above I use this as a treatment once a week but I do use it on damp hair before blow drying (just a small amount) and this decreases my drying time considerably, which is a huge plus as it takes me an age to dry my mane!!  

You can find HASK Argan Oil in most Primarks at the moment and it costs £2.50. After a quick google you can buy lots of other HASK products from all different websites over the internet (my google search linked here) and HASK also have their own website

Have you tried HASK yet?




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