Benefit Dandy Brandy.....

I have never owned a single Benefit eyeshadow, I have had them in kits but never a single one until I got this..... 

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow in Dandy Brandy* RRP £13.50 - Currently on sale for £6.75.

Dandy Brandy is a great versatile shade with warm gold shimmer running through it and this personally for me could be used for a day to night look. The packaging is very sturdy so I imagine it would last getting knocked about in your makeup bag or handbag - not that you would purposely do that obviously.....

The colour is just beautiful! But there is pros and cons, the pros being the shade (delicious), how versatile this shade is and the staying power, it stays put all day long but what I am disappointed with is the pigmentation,  it will build up but to create the shade pictured below I used about 3 good layers.....

I really love it but I don't think I would pay £13.50 but at £6.75 I think it's a good price for the quality/staying power.

Do you own any Benefit single eye shadows?




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