Roden & Fields Proactive 3 Step Solutions.....

Have you ever seen the cheesy American adverts from the likes of the gorgeous Katie Perry or Justin Beber promoting the Proactive range claiming it cures acne? Well I have always wondered does it reeeaallly get rid of acne?

My other half get spots on his jaw line and luckily for me I only have the odd break out now and again, so when Andrew from Boots asked me if I would like to test the Proactive range I jumped at the chance as I knew my other half would love to test it out.

You get the following products for £40.00 (I was slightly shocked at the price but if it works.......)

Step 1 is a renewing cleanser which is a 120ml bottle, it has small beads inside which act as a face scrub, I wouldn't advise ANYONE with sensitive skin to use this as I have very hardy skin and it left my face red and patchy.

Step 2 revitalising toner, this is a lovely, fresh clean toner again 120ml.

 Step 3 is the repairing treatment, this bottle is only 60ml and is to be used after the other steps.

Now after my other half had used all 3 steps for a few weeks he did see a considerable improvement in his skin, the one downside he found was the repairing treatment made his skin very oily and greasy and as he works outside he already has oily/combination skin already. Luckily you can buy each of the 'steps' on their own so he said he would definitely repurchase the first too steps.

Have you tried these products? Would you pay £40 for them?




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