New Black Lipstick.....

On Sunday I posted about some 17 goodies and one thing I picked up was this.....

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in shade New Black £4.29. Now this isn't completely black, it is a dark deep purple, it reminds me of a blackcurrant!

One thing I'm not too impressed with is the lid of the lipstick, it doesn't seem to 'click' on so it's always loose (?) maybe I have a dodgy one, I'm not too sure. Anyway the formula of the lipstick is one of the best I have used in a while, super glossy but opaque colour in one swatch on the lip and it stays put for ages!

I have to say I love it but I doubt very much I will wear it often, and I don't think I am quite that brave yet to take New Black out of the house!

What do you think? Could you wear this?




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